Why Canyon’s Construction Services?

Coloradans Expect a Contractor Who Delivers

When homeowners in Colorado’s Front Range are ready to hire a residential general contractor, they want to see clear budgets and honest schedules. More than anything else, they want to know that they will receive quality renovations, remodeling, and construction that will give them a functional, comfortable living environment that meets their needs and lives up to their expectations. They won’t work with just anyone – they will only work with a trusted Boulder contractor.

Homeowners choose Canyon’s Construction Services because they know they will get upfront pricing, clear timelines, and quality work. We serve residential clients in Boulder County and the surrounding area who have complex, high-end projects. These budget-conscious, pragmatic homeowners see their homes as their sanctuaries. Reliability, solid project management, and proactive risk management are critical. Our Boulder-area clients expect their contractor to walk the talk, and they won’t settle for anything less.

What You Should Expect from a Trusted Contractor

A Trusted Colorado Contractor Manages Budgets and Schedules

Canyon’s Construction Services is committed to detailed planning and project management from pre-construction through final walkthrough. We have built a reputation in Boulder County and throughout the Front Range for quality service, thorough communication, and on-time and on-budget project delivery – uncommon traits in an industry plagued with schedule delays and budget overruns. We start by making a front-end investment in our prospective clients, capturing every single project detail even before contracts are signed. As part of our proprietary pre-construction process, we draw up a project plan that includes floor plans, materials and specifications, a firm contract price inclusive of a contingency budget, and a viable schedule of tasks and completion dates. Building a contingency budget into every project enables us to adapt to shifting client priorities and unexpected issues that arise during construction. This comprehensive planning effort enables us to accurately assess the level of effort.

A Trusted Colorado Contractor Has Industry Expertise

All members of our in-house team are International Code Council (ICC) certified, meaning that you will always receive services from knowledgeable professionals with the top priority being your family’s safety.

Our ICC-certified crew apply internationally recognized building standards, perform installations, and oversee the work of other trades. We complete all work in accordance with documented project plans and in compliance with all local building codes. We resolve problems by collaborating with building officials before inspections. Our industry expertise and strong communication skills promote solid relationships with building departments and code officials.

A Trusted Colorado Contractor Provides a Single Source of Accountability

Canyon’s Construction Services is a General Contractor that leads and oversees the efforts of proven, long-term partners we trust, including plumbers, electricians, mechanical teams, foundation contractors, carpenters, and inspection teams.

​Before starting any project, we develop an action plan that specifies the anticipated materials and methods of installation, create a schedule of tasks to be performed, and provide a firm contract price, inclusive of a contingency budget. We develop pre-construction project parameters regarding scheduling, quality, materials selections, and site cleanliness. Professionalism and accountability are paramount.

Choose Canyon’s Construction Services

Your Trusted Colorado Front Range Contractor

Our clients appreciate our exhaustive preplanning, our communication and transparency, our subcontractor management, and our commitment to quality, budget, and schedules. Our many referrals and testimonials attest to our passion for doing the right thing.

​Our aim at all times is to protect your budget, schedule, and safety. You gain the benefit of one responsible party and NO EXCUSES, which will give you peace of mind.